1. Amigos Lisboetas, ou nos vemos este fim de semana ou então na passagem de ano

  2. A big shout out for ny friend feom Sofia Fixed Gear, Carré Noir / Publicis and Olive Garden. See you all again in September. Respect 👌

  3. #B = beautifull breackless bicycle

  4. #Serdika Type. Inspired by the track.

  5. "Horny Playlist", #illustration made for #Tradiio group exhibition. For sell.

  6. "Frightening but instantly addictive", Serdika #velodrome #tommasinimexico

  7. First freelance in Sofia

  8. In a #velodrome for the first time.

  9. Here comes the sun, doo-d’n doo-doo, here comes the sun and I say it’s all right. #thebeatles + #theshining

  10. I made and wear this t-shirt for 2009 #offf. It get autographed by Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister and Joshua Davis.

  11. Fixed gear or Fix beer?

  12. Tender #Thessaloniki. #Greece